Sunday, 11 May 2014

Lapworth Locks.

We had a lazy morning not doing much at all, we were only going to cruise for an hour and do the Lapworth Flight of 21 locks tomorrow but the forecast for tomorrow is rain all day so we made a late decision to get them out of the way today.

We set off just before noon through quiet countryside with a little drizzle now and again to keep our rain coats on. The quietness is shattered as we cruise under the M42 but it soon fades as we pass Hockley Heath to the left and enter Warwickshire the second of the two lift bridges we encountered was a struggle for Sue to wind up but she stuck to the task and FL got through.

We had a volunteer lock keeper to help us through the first lock, then we were on our own for the next 20. We got into our usual routine of gate opening and lock wheeling between us, made easier when descending a flight of locks and progressed steadily. A little bit of consternation at one lock when we came across a crew of 4 enjoying lunch at the lock landing. We passed them, Sue opened the lock and in we went which was OK with the male members of crew but a female member got a little shirty with and wish them a Bonn voyage is our usual tact in these sort of encounters.

We were both flagging by the time we reached the last lock  after which we make a tight left then right turn onto the Grand Union canal, we moored at 17:00 at Turners Green Bridge on the Tom of the Wood moorings, there is a pub of the same name nearby...result, we deserve a drink.

The bridges on the Stratford were all built for broad boats but the locks can only take a narrow boats

This arm at Hockley Heath once served a coal wharf.

Some of the locks have pretty iron bridges.

Lapworth Locks

The iron bridges didn't meet in the middle to allow a tow rope through the gap.

Grand Union Canal another route into Birmingham, we turn left .

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Ade said...

Working my way through your excellent blog Andy a number of missing photos, and a few web based ones but on the whole complete.
You would of turned right here not left 😀.
Nice style to your blog and I really like the black background and white text, it stops the light from the White of a page being to bright at night when I usually am reading blogs.
Just under 3 years to go to get up to date.