Friday, 23 May 2014


We spent the morning doing a few jobs around FL, defrosting the ice compartment on the fridge being one, we had so much ice in there it was concealing a bottle of Becks! The weather is showers, some heavy, with tantalising short bright spells with a bit of thunder mixed in. Sue has been looking out the side hatch excitedly awaiting  the arrival of Ray & Diane aboard nb Ferndale. A tap on the roof, Diane has arrived on foot closely followed by Ray at the helm of Ferndale, we walked down to their allotted pitch, after Ferndale was secured to the bank we enjoyed a cup of tea and a boaters catch up.

Later we all went to dine at the Wheatsheaf, where we enjoyed burgers, steak and pork belly all very enjoyable... on the way back to the boat we stopped at the Red Lion for a nightcap, Diane's favourite Mulled Wine was on tap, Bombadier's and a Old Speckled Hen for the rest of the crews. The 17C thatched Red Lion  has a much better character and ambience for the imbibing boater with its wooden beams stone walls, and copious amounts of polished brass adorning the walls. We spotted many groups of boaters at the tables enjoying drinks. Much laughter during the evening with the four of us finding all sorts of obscure topics to laugh about. On our way back down the towpath boaters pocket torches were out to help shine the way for a kitten to climb down from a high branch of a tree and into the arms of it's frantic owner.

Strange glow in the sky behind the Red Lion

Dianne & Ray

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