Sunday, 18 May 2014

Pressure relief

We have moved today as our 48 hours on the visitor mooring was up but we haven't moved far we are still in Braunston area.

Sue walked up to the village to the Butcher of Braunston for some supplies while I potted about doing odd jobs. One job was to replace the faulty pressure relief valve on the calorifier, as with all DIY tasks I undertake things never go quite according to plan. I drained the system down, removed the PRV by undoing one connector nut and a jubilee clip to the overflow and off it came. Now there are two fittings on the old PRV I need to remove, then screw on to the new PRV. My best efforts couldn't budge either of them Sue offered to take it to Midland Chandlers to see if they could help, they sold us a pair of mole grips which didn't help at all.

What I needed was a workshop with an engineers vice but being a Sunday afternoon I didn't hold up much hope of finding one open, but find one I did, the helpful Brian had the fittings moved in quick time. I fitted them to the new valve using Pfte tape on the threads and did them up tight using my new mole grips and a adjustable spanner.

Its all back together now with no leaks and no more disturbed sleeps when the pump starts up after enough water has seeped past the PRV.

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