Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Demise of the Beer Hunter.

Still in the good weather zone, we have had a cruise into the countryside to moor for a couple of nights, the traffic has increased we have met more boats on the move in the last two days than we did on the the whole or our two month cruise from Staffordshire. Maybe they, like us, are on their way to the Crick boat show next weekend.

This morning we made our way to Wigrams Turn Marina to fill the diesel tank, Kevin the most affable of marina staff on the canal system greeted us with his usual enthusiasm and a new knee, we had a pleasant stay here for a couple of weeks last year.

We have moored back in Braunston and will get up early tomorrow to tackle the 6 Braunston locks and tunnel.

The Beer Hunter has gone, being out in the elements all winter had not been kind to it, gear selector's were more or less welded together with rust which made hard work treading it along the towpath. BH needs a new owner with a shed to keep it dry, some TLC and a tin of WD40 to this end it is on the towpath 'free to new home'. Sue never liked it adorning the roof and I did get fed up with the continual punctures every time I used it.

We had a wander up to The Admiral Nelson, we spent an hour sat by the lock watching the boats go through the lock, with a glass of Landlord and a pot of tea.

Buttercup and Daisy

Coot on her nest

Wide in the  beam 

Braunston's All Saints church steeple (aka Cathedral of the canals), a welcoming sight for 150 years of old boating families as many were christened, married and buried here. The building next to it is a sailless windmill now a private residence.

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