Monday, 5 May 2014

Chillington Hall

As we didn't move yesterday we have two days worth of the sticky sap substance adorning every millimetre of the roof including the solar panels and cratch cover. We set off with the intention of being closer to Aldersley junction to start the 21 lock ascent into Birmingham in the morning and to be out in the open to wash the roof.

Leaving Brewood we cruised through wooded cuttings and a narrow stretch of canal and under the ornate balustrades of Avenue Bridge, built as the result of the land owner of the time only allowing the construction of the canal through his land if the bridge, part of the route to his Chillington Hall was more than just a functional bridge... seems Mr Gifford  got his way.

After a cruise of 1/2 an hour we tied to rings alongside a field of rapeseed below Park bridge. Sue got to work on the cratch cover with Mr Muscle and I used fairy liquid on the roof and  Carnuaba boat wash on the flank. After a couple of hours of hard graft the boat is clean again.

Avenue Bridge

The Narrows

Mooring for the night

Today will be our last day in the countryside for a few day as we head into the residential and industrial areas of Wolverhampton and Birmingham.

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