Friday, 31 October 2014

Back in Stone

Thursday.. We moved on from the mooring in warm sunshine, an unexpected day in t-shirts, I would have had the shorts on but they have been moved to that storage area in FL that wont see the light of day till next summer. As we approached Aston Lock the gates were opening for us and we cruised in, up and through.
Cruising through a familiar scene we winded before Star lock and moored on the 5 day Stone visitor rings behind Nb Pendle Water. We took the 101 bus into Stafford, this is the first time for some months that we have been anywhere so busy, strangely we both enjoyed the change. We had a couple of miles to walk from the town centre as one particular shop Sue wanted to visit was on a retail site on the outskirts. Shopping all done we returned to Stone on the 101.

Mile marker at our overnight mooring.
Sheep and cattle sharing the grass.

This was an overnight holding gaol to keep drunks in, it was once connected to The White Lion as below.

Friday... Sue went in search of a haircut while I washed and polished FL's starboard side, this will be the off side when we are on the marinas pontoon so hard to get at.

In the afternoon we had an ale or two in the Royal Exchange among the spider webs, ghoul's and carved fruit.

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