Monday, 6 October 2014

Gale forced stoppage.

The gales and rain lashed down on FL overnight rocking her on her pin's. I was up at 05:30 checking the pin's were holding, everything was OK. I had double pinned and moved plank poles and brushes off the roof in readiness before we retired. We will stay in the basin for another night.

The basin we are moored in is fringed with smart looking apartments either in converted wharfs or have been made to look like old wharfs by the architect, a Holiday Inn is on one side of the basin.

In contrast outside of the port setting is a bit bleak in places, we walked to the local store for milk once the rain had stopped and the sun was out. The Horse & Jockey's grubby windows were all fitted with wire grills giving the place an abandoned feel, if it wasn't for the nearly new table and benches in the garden alley  it looked unused for decades. It's probably a great locals boozer but I think we will give it a miss. The milk was bought at the shop by passing cash through a gap in security perspex, post office style....wonder why.

We got soaked when the sky darkened and the heavens opened unexpectedly, back on the boat we got into dry clothes, Sue decided to do some cross stitching, while I spent another couple of hours in the museum.

The weed came back over night, the pile on the bank was removed by staff yesterday.


The boat next to Gifford is a box narrow boat, it carried 10 to 12 box's of coal like the 2 onboard. 

An ex tunnel tug.

Ice breaker 'Marbury'

I do like the Skinner's boat.

Forlorn boats waiting for funding for restoration.

Mossdale  held together with girders and straps, the last surviving Mersey 'flat' boat.

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