Thursday, 9 October 2014

Tram Horses

We awoke to the sound of rain on FL's roof, by the time we were up and ready for the day ahead the sun was out, the wind was whipping across the marina trying to remove the triskelion flag from it's pole on the tiller.

The Sainsbury order arrived promptly at 09:00, the endless orange bags were transferred into FL's bare cupboards, we should be well fed till Christmas. As we were preparing FL for the off the sky darkened, rain poured and the wind howled. So we unanimously made the decision to batten down the hatches, put a few more coals on the fire and stay where we are.

Tattenhall marina is a large smart well kept place, the laundry is close to the visitor moorings as is reception which doubles as a cafe and bar, three phone signal is excellent as is data signal on the mifi. The marina is a little isolated for the visiting boater,  a smart pub serving  pub grub alongside 'Alley Cart' is about a 30 minute walk along unpaved roads,  the Cheshire ice cream farm is opposite.

I have been reading a history book on canal transport that I bought at the museum at Ellesmere Port. Interestingly in its pages, I found a Manx connection to the canal's. Canal carrying company John Hunt & Sons's Ltd of Leeds operating on the Aire & Calder canal used ex Douglas tram horses to tow it's fleet of boats, at least up until the 1930's . These days the ex tram horses are given a  well deserved cosseted retirement at the Isle of Man Rest Home for Old Horses.

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