Friday, 17 October 2014

Autherley Junction

Two feature's of the Shropshire union canal are it's straightness, arrow straight in places and the long wooded cuttings that envelope the canal, the trees branches knitting overhead to make a living tunnel to cruise through. This time of year the falling leaves makes it feel like we are in one of those snow globes but instead of white flakes we have green, red and browns. 

We stopped at Brewood to visit the butcher and green grocer before continuing out into the open countryside to moor a couple of miles from Autherley Junction. It's been a warm sunny day, we have been so lucky the last few weeks but the weekend isn't looking too good.

On the radio Steve Wright has just said  "at the age of 58  people have got their work-life balance right" .... I can't  disagree with that.

A5 aka Watling Street

Phoebe definitely has spirit.

School children out for a run with the PE teacher.

Avenue Bridge

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