Thursday, 23 October 2014

Tixall Wide

Tuesday -We stayed put and let the storm blow itself out. We have moored with a high hedge (no trees) between us and the prevailing  westerlies which has given us good protection from the gusting winds, the canal water has hardly got a ripple on it.

In between the showers we walked into the village for supplies, Penkridge has a first class butcher and baker as well as a small Sainsbury's and Co-op, we made use of all of these.

Had to sweep up this morning.

Wednesday- Penkridge has a large Wednesday market where you can buy anything from live fowl and hatching eggs to the usual fruit and veg stalls, meat and fish from the backs of a vans (never fancied buying meat that way). Tools and every under the sink item you could ever need along with those we all have hidden under the sink that never get used. Clothes and pet goods alongside bric a brac stalls, watches, and phone accessories. I thought about buying a turkey to fatten for Christmas but Sue wouldn't let me have any space in the cratch for it.

Thursday- We waved goodbye to Klara's crew, we will meet up with Roly and Bev at our wintering mooring at Aston. We got FL ready, Sue walked down to get Longford lock open. At Park Gate Lock I left FL in the lock  and visited the adjacent Midlands Chandlers for coal and a few other bits. It's a dry day with no sight of the sun as we made our way through three locks to the affluent village of  Acton Trussel, here The Moat House sits in lavish splendour beside the canal with St James church with it's 13C tower overlooking FL's progress.

After Deptmore lock we pass the tidy Stafford boat clubs premises, I may be using the dock facilities here over the winter to black FL's bottom. The canal loops around Baswich  following the River Sow's valley,  crossing the river on an aqueduct. We have moored on Tixall wide which is lake like with tall reeds on it's non tow path side..

River Sow

Nb Tench.

Tixall Wide.

Tixall Hall's large Gatehouse 

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