Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Norbury Junction

A seven mile cruise through farmland, some big machinery helping the last harvest of the year while on the other bank a multitude of black and white cows rest there legs and udders and lie around the pasture. We have crossed the border from Shropshire to Staffordshire, Grub Street Cutting must have been a challenge for the navvies of the day, being a mile long and eighty feet deep. The much photographed telegraph pole in High Bridge is a relic from a past communication link.

In places the canal is a mat of fallen autumn leaves that stick to the prop lowering the speed of FL through the water, when we feel her start to labour a short blast of reverse clears the prop.

The autumn colours of the trees are a reminder of how short the seasons are. It only seems a few weeks have passed since we were cruising past trees in bud, a look at the calender tells me it's been seven months.

We have moored at Norbury Junction which hasn't been a junction since the Newport Branch Canal, which joined at the site of Norbury boatyard, was abandoned.

It's pie night at the Junction Inn...may just have to sample one.

High Bridge with telegraph pole.

Newport road bridge with Knighton bridge in the background. 

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