Monday, 13 October 2014

Tyrley Wharf.

Woke up to the sound of cows bellowing at FL from across the canal, grey skies greeted us when we finally arose and opened the curtains. The forecast is for rain for most of the day. We have no plans other than to be in Aston Marina at the end of the month . Canalplan route planner gives this a time of 4 days travelling at 7 hours a day, so we can afford to sit out any bad spells.

It's dry as we head for the first of the Adderley locks by the time I have got FL in the first chamber the rain has started. No matter as the saying goes there's no such thing as bad weather only bad clothes, we are both well protected from the weather in Gortex coats, hoods boots and over trousers. I needed to get to Market Drayton to get a card for tomorrows celebration.

MD is a trek from the canal, I left Sue in Asda and went in search of a card shop. MD is one of those towns where you are never quite sure if you have reached the town centre or not.The better bit's may have been around the next corner, I never found the better bits but I fulfilled my quest of buying a birthday card at a shop called Hart To Hart.

Back on the boat and it has stopped raining so we decide to continue up the next flight of five locks at Tyrley, guess what, as I entered the first chamber the rain started, we filled the water tank above the top lock and moored for the night on the 48 hour visitor moorings.

Passed 'Piston Broke' today. The first boating blog I ever read was by her original owners Paul and Lynne.

Covers most of the bases.

FL on the water point above Tyrley locks.

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