Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Tattenhall marina.

Left Ellesmere Port at 08:00 in the rain, there wasn't any wind so not all bad. We had to spend a little while clearing accumulated weed from the top lock gate. With that done we had a good three hour run down to Chester dodging the islands of weed that the volunteers of the Boat Museum Society will no doubt remove when they have reached the end of the line.

Sue wasn't looking forward to the heavy locks that lift boats out of the ancient city of Chester especially the triple Northgate staircase locks at the start. Fortunately for us as we arrived at the lock there was a boat in the first chamber and they were happy to reopen the lock gates to let FL enter alongside. Great to have lock buddies on this stretch of the Shroppie, our friendly lock buddies today were Phil & Stephanie on nb Wumpus who were on their way to Tattenhall Marina, so we shared all eight double locks with them... perfect. It's good for the tiller men to have someone to converse with while waiting for the locks to fill.

It's 16:00 and we have just moored for the night outside Tattenhall marina just above bridge 113.

The storm has bared a lot of the trees along this stretch.

Bar and restaurant
Chester's lead shot tower used for making musket shot during the Napoleonic wars.

Deva Aqueduct

Wumpus heading FL towards Tattenhall marina

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