Thursday, 16 October 2014

Wheaton Aston

Before we left Norbury Junction we filled the diesel tank at the boatyard, 0.79p a litre. Out of the shadows the morning sun was warm. South of Norbury we cruise on the huge Shelmore Embankment which used all the spoil from the Grub Street cutting we passed through yesterday, the canal village of Gnosall and it's short Cowley tunnel are left behind as we continue on to High Onn and Wheaton Aston. 

A all female hire crew on a day boat from Norbury turned at the winding hole at Lord Talbots Wharf, after ramming the bank at full throttle they started pin balling their way of moored boats and the opposite bank, Sue went forward to advise them to stay still until FL passed and to keep their boat hook off other boats. 

A boat going slower than  FL's tick over speed waved us through, which was nice as some boater's seem to take pride in holding other boats up unnecessarily.

The garage by the canal at Wheaton Aston has a sign up 0.709p a litre (Doh), we moor in sight of the first lock of tomorrows cruise.

Had a walk into the village and bought milk in the village shop and vegetables in the pub.  

Not sure what that big lump is called.


Cowley Tunnel

We will be waved through soon.

I apologise for the amount of bridges I photograph and post on the blog, I just like bridges over water.

Used the boat hook to get an evening snack.
Chestnuts cooking

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Paul and El said...

That big lump be The Wrekin!