Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mothers day

I selected this top Mothers day plant for our daughter.

Miss you Mum

We set of from our Endon mooring at 11:30 on the first day of summer, the sun was warm as we headed towards the service point to dump the unmentionables and fill with water.

Filling the water tank at Park Lane

The vista has become even more rural the more we cruise into the Caldon. It is hard to imagine we are travelling on an artery that was built in 1779 to haul limestone out of quarries for the Potteries and the industrial midlands. In parts a railway line runs parallel to the canal, this sounded the death knell for the canal as freight traffic switched to the faster mode of transport.

We reached Hazelhurst Junction where the Leek branch moves off to the right as we start a descent into the Churnet valley via three locks, we see the Leek branch further on as it passes over us on a fine aqueduct. At the bottom lock we are locked through by a young Oz friend of a family showing her the ropes. (maybe she will be back in years to come on her own adventure).
Rural scene

Hazelhurst top lock, the Leek branch goes under the bridge on the right

Top Lock

I'm able to help at locks on the descents.

Different style of paddle opener.

Young Aussie

Leek arm crossing above us.

We moored at Denford close to the Hollybush pub, only two miles today.
Enjoying an Ale

Handsome stone barn conversion

Bridge 38

The Hollybush, FL second boat back.

One of the mile posts (this one is outside the pub). Unfortunately the canal now terminates at Froghall some 7 miles from here, much of the remainder which went to Uttoxeter has been filled in and one of those pesky short term railway company's laid tracks over it, the railway has long gone and now the route is a bridle way.

Life in the country

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