Saturday, 29 March 2014

Milton to Endon Basin

After a walk into Milton village for some veggies we let go of the bank and set off in warm sunshine. Now the canal becomes much tidier as urbanisation is left behind and the countryside starts to roll. First lock is Engine Lock, the wind has increased as the view has opened up which makes negotiating the lock chambers and bridge 'ole's trickier. Sue raised the lift bridge and we are on our way to the 5 Stockton Brook locks, Sue whizzed us through them while I manfully stood at the tiller.

Sue ratchet's the bridge up

Lock wheeler waiting for FL to arrive

The canal is very quiet, only a few other moving boats all day. Before  bridge 27 a remnant of a swing bridge for a disused light railway that ran into Endon Basin has to be negotiated, which isn't helped by its proximity to the bridge especially in windy conditions. We moored up for the day just above Endon Basin, a total of three miles today, we aren't in any rush.

Remnant now a round about
Magnificent silver birch lock side.
Today's kitchen window view

Endon Basin now the home of Stoke boat club.

Tonight's mooring

We had a long walk past Plant's Bridge before tea to get me some exercise, I get a bit sedentary on the tiller, we must get Sue trained up as a tiller girl this year.

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