Friday, 21 March 2014

The Angel of the North and Hadrians Wall

We were invited to join Dot and Gordon who were house sitting at an old farmhouse near Haltwhistle in Northumberland. Also there were hard core boaters Ray, Diane, Elaine and Paul, we jumped at the chance to visit somewhere new and with such good company.

Farm house

Views from front of house

Sue and I arrived Wednesday evening, Dot cooked us all a fabulous fish pie for tea, afterwards we played trivial pursuit in a battle of the sex's which the lady's won by the smallest of margins. 

Thursday we all had a trip to Whitley Bay on a cold and windy day

Whitley Bay

Despite the cold the floral display is coming along

Warming up in a Whitley Bay cafe.

On the way back to the farm we stopped of at the 200 ton Angel of the North  for photos.

Dot and Ray posing as Angels

Ray steadying Sue during her pose.

Hadrian's Wall runs close to the farm so we walked up to see it on our return from Newcastle.
The wall was 4 metres tall when built but much of it has been recycled over the century's

Modern day legionnaires inspect the wall

The Scots were kept to this side of the wall

In the evening we had a banquet from the local Indian takeaway...... The chaps volunteered to collect it.

Waiting for our order to be readied 

Friday morning after saying our goodbyes we headed south down the M6, we stopped at Kendall in the lake district to have a look around and a cuppa in Neros. After hearing via the radio that there was a 12 mile tailback further south on the M6, we set the Sat Nag to keep us off the M6 and came back the scenic route, apart from the bit that took us through the centre of Manchester.

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