Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Sinking on the K&A

Inexperienced  hirers out to enjoy the Kennet & Avon canal came to grief in a lock when their boat caught on a cill (story here).  This could of been tragic, I wonder if any  hire company's actually take new hirer's through their first lock to show them the dangers the unwary face. I know companies that use models or a video in a classroom to show how to use the lock gear safely, but how much does a group of excited holidaymakers actually take in, they would  be better prepared if they were taught at a real lock situation. I remember our first lock (read here) , we were helped by the experienced crew of NB Cider and Rose and very grateful we were to them. Perhaps CaRT should encourage volunteer lock keepers to help at the nearest lock up the line from hire fleets.

We are now back on our berth in Aston Marina, Fl will stay here while we have a two day jolly in Northumberland and then receive weekend visitors.

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