Monday, 3 March 2014

Back to FL soon.

Went to the Paparazzi for dinner with our neighbours yesterday. I was the only one drinking alcohol (Merlot) while Sue had her usual cuppa, a subdued Angus and Tracey had soft drinks because they had work in the morning (or it could of been the amount of coke mixed with their Jack Daniels they enjoyed the night before.)

We continue to get house and garden chores completed, these aren't as satisfying as doing the equivalent job on the boat for some reason.

I have been getting up earlier and earlier to walk the dogs, we were up in the woods at 0630 this frosty morning. Nikita is back from Morocco tomorrow and they haven't pined for her once, so I think we have done a good job.

Flight to Liverpool booked for Friday morning and the onward train to Stafford which should get us back to the marina early afternoon. The marina will be a little quieter as a few boats and friends have already set off on their 2014 cruisers.

We will miss Gordon and Dot's soft tones as they have moved base to Stafford boat club to get Ewn Ha Cul bottom blacked.

This afternoon we both took the canines to Archallagan plantation for a romp and a swim in the pool there. It was a lovely sunny afternoon but I forgot my camera again, the following are off the web.

Archallagan Plantation
Archallagan Plantation.

2nd July 2003.
 The green belt running just above centre is Archallagan.

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