Friday, 14 March 2014

Busy week

The marina is slowly coming to life with owners visiting their boats to start preparations for the coming cruising season.

Tuesday- Spent the morning under cold grey sky's putting another topcoat on to the bow. After lunch the sun came out so we walked along the drying towpath to Morrison's in Stone for some essentials, now we are carless, it's down to shank's pony and a rucksack, we had to pop into the Swan for a glass of Old Priory on the way back to FL.

This will have to be redone.
Wednesday and Thursday, more rubbing down of the port gunnel then applying a non slip finish, I am not happy with the end result. The product I used is a premix of black and sand, the sand element has not gone on evenly. It will work as a non slip surface but the castles in it may become trip hazard. I will have to rub it down and start again. 

Polished the cabin sides using an electric orbital polisher, I enlisted the services of Sue to keep the plugs and sockets of the various attached cables from falling into the water. Late afternoon Roly wandered down from NB 'Klara' with bottles of ale for the hard working crews of FL and Two Jays, what a top bloke.

Starboard gunnel prepared for a topcoat

Friday started foggy but it was OK to put undercoat over the primer, I will hopefully get a topcoat on Saturday.

Lunch was had at the Golden Orient buffet, eat as much as you like for a set price in the company of Ray, Diane, Bev and Roly. Just before our belts broke Ray drove us to Midland Chandlers for the buying of boaty bits. From here we went straight to the early doors assembly at the Royal Exchange to meet up with Paul, Barry and Carol.

Before getting stuck into a pint of Plumage I walked down to Canal Cruising Company to discuss some work requirements on FL that I have been asking Aston Marina to do for me since September last year, we have had a whole lot of excuses/promises from them but no action, so I wouldn't recommend Aston Marina as a place to get work done on your boat, although it has many other advantages. We take FL to CCC on Monday so will see what happens.

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