Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Tuesday- I was up at the plantation early in morning with the hounds and watched an incredible sunrise camera again I'm afraid.

Nikita returned safely from Marrakesh with gifts of Saffron and spices from the Souks.

Wednesday - We went on a visit to Peel ( I took the camera). We walked around St Patrick's Isle, the outer walls of Peel castle and the inner harbour.

Peel lifeboat station.

Picture for Gordon our Cornish fisherman friend, Peel has the most active fishing fleet in IOM not today though. 

Cliff birdlife

Peel castle outer walls.

Peel  and the causeway that connects St Patricks Isle

Local geese out for a stroll.

No smoking  today the chimney outlets on the roof are all closed.
Removing the catch of the day

Jason of JLS (not the band, motorcycles)

While in Peel we popped into see my old mate Jason, proprietor of JLS motorcycles and an old adversary of mine in an IOM 600cc  motorcycle championship. We had a good catch up, his premises are adjacent to the River Neb, the workshop was under a foot of water during the recent storms.

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