Monday, 24 March 2014

Windy day.

Sunday was a blustery day with rain, hail and sunshine, we left our mooring between Star Lock and Yard Lock to reach the winding hole above Limekiln Lock. The accident prone Glyn managing not to get fingers trapped or fall into the canal while helping Sue and Christine with the locks.

(Glyn did manage on one occasion when helping with the ropes on a cruiser we owned on the Thames to fall into and submerge himself, the lock keeper fished him out with a pole!)

Once turned with the bow pointing back to Aston we returned through the 5 locks back to the marina. Things went a bit pear shaped as we turned into the marina entrance the wind pinned us to the side which snapped a fender hook, the fender dropped into the canal and its rope wrapped itself tight around the prop. Took me nearly an hour with various knives including the carving knife from the kitchen to get all the rope cut away. That done we tried to get into our pontoon berth but again the wind was just too strong and sent us crabbing down the basin, we found an empty double berth and shot into it at full revs. Sue had a stew cooking in the Epping so we had that with a glass of wine  while we waited for the wind to abate then we made our way back to our berth  with the aid of Pauls weight on the centre rope we moored up easily.


Alf said...

Thats (one) of the things that happen when you move with fenders down !!

Andy said...

A lesson learnt Alf, we had only just put them on to come into the marina in case we biffed our neighbours boat while berthing.