Tuesday, 25 March 2014

We're off (nearly).

Today was going to be our set off day for the season but it's piddling down now and is expected to be persistent for the rest of the day. No point in getting soaked so we will delay our departure.

Below is a map of the navigable canals we can cruise on. At the moment we are just below Stoke-on -Trent on the Trent & Mersey canal.

Our loose plan is to head north to the Peak Forest canal or northwest to Wales and the Llangollan canal, we will probably do both during the next two months but plans could change, in any case we will turn right out of the marina.

Last years canals/waterways were from start point of Weedon(near Rugby on map):

Grand Union
South Oxford
South Oxford
North Oxford
Birmingham & Fazley
Trent & Mersey

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