Friday, 29 May 2015

South Oxford canal.

Yesterday we moved out of Braunston and on to the South Oxford canal, only cruising for a mile to moor above bridge 100 in between open farmland, not a single house to be seen from our mooring. 

The paint and brushes were out again, I managed to get a primer and undercoat on the starboard side hand rail.

Today has been wet so a few jobs inside were achieved before the sun came out late afternoon to allow a topcoat to be applied, just hope the midges stay at home this evening.

The coach lines will have to be done then port and starboard cabin sides nwill match.

View over the hedge



Carol said...

Our favourite Braunstone mooring too!

Adam said...

My favourite bit of canal trivia concerns the shared Oxford/Grand Union section between Braunston and Napton Turn: Boats going south on the Oxford travel this section one way, while boats going south on the GU travel it the opposite way.

Andy said...

Carol-- we like the whole section to Napton.

Adam- I would never of got that one in a canal quiz.