Monday, 11 May 2015

Penkridge nearly.

After leaving Brewood yesterday we moored about two miles out of the village below Hunting bridge. A nice spot adjacent to a vast heady field of rapeseed where we washed clothes and boat. 

We had planned to get up early today and make our way to Penkridge but best laid plans and all that, we woke at 9:00 and got going at 10:00. It was a threatening sky on the way to Autherley Junction where once FL is through the 6" stop lock we turned left onto the Staffordshire & Worcestershire canal, the sun came out and the jumpers came off.. A very narrow cutting where you pray you don't meet oncoming traffic is passed before we duck under the M54 motorway an east/west route in & out of north Wales. 

The canal continues on the level (without locks) snaking around the contours of the landscape to Gailey where we fill the water tank and dump what needs dumping. Here is our first lock for a while then a second and third ... that will do for today ... we are insight of Boggs lock, which will be the first lock for tomorrow, two miles short of Penkridge.


Hayfever sufferers beware.

Moored below  Hunting bridge
Waiting for Autherley Junction stop lock

Blossom on the water.

Deepmore Bridge.

First goslings of the season.

I have been researching how Devils Garden on the river Weaver got it's name, the best explanation is from Frodsham's Brewery who also make an ale using the name....must try it!

"It would seem that Devils Garden is a name the locals have given to an ex marl quarry in Kingsley. When the quarry closed it became a marshy area and it is reputed that animals including dogs and even people have fallen in NEVER to be seen again!"

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