Sunday, 3 May 2015

Tyrley Wharf.

We had a bit of a hiccup this morning, the engine cut out after running for five minutes. I suspected it was fuel starvation by a blockage in the pick up feed in the tank, remembering what an old sea dog had taught me, I removed the pipe to the water separator sure enough fuel wasn't getting to the separator, just a simple job of connecting a tube to the tank side fuel olive and blowing to clear the blockage. Connected it all back and she fired up....I will need to get the bottom of the tank cleaned at some point.

We set off with Roly on board who had kindly offered his help to get us up the Tyrley locks. Bev walked Phantom aka Psycho and Freddie up to the top lock where we said our goodbye's till we meet at our winter moorings in Stone.

I keep trying to get Sue to do the lock gate step over, but for some reason she refuses... say's her legs are too short!

Photo opportunity at Tyrley top lock. Thanks for the help Roly.

We filled the water tank got rid of the dumpables and moored on the 48hour  Tyrley Wharf visitor moorings  Sue is baking cakes and bread while I have had the paint brushes needle and thread out to stitch up a few loose zip seams in the cratch cover. This cover needs to last until we get a new cover later this year.

This pair are as hard as nails, no one in Market Drayton messes with them, they are not afraid of anything along the towpath.... barking dogs just get a steely stare. They don't have much of a voice and don't like the water.

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