Friday, 8 May 2015

Wheaton Aston

Sue collected our package  from Gnosall post office and we got away from the bank at midday after taking on water. Once through the short  Cowley Tunnel the trip to Wheaton Aston is a rural treat, deep cuttings lead to high embankments and arrow straight sections of the canal passing through some fantastic Staffordshire countryside. Even the rain didn't dampen the enjoyment of the cruise or our spirits. We were safely tied to the bank on the Wheaton Aston 48 hour moorings by 14:30.
Kingfishers are difficult to photo, Sue managed to get this one.

Wood Eaton Bridge..

Rye Hill Bridge.

Straight cut.

Control tower at Ex. WW2 RAF base near Wheaton Aston.

Cute duckling hurrying to the side hatch for lunch.

Fed and leaving with siblings.


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