Monday, 4 May 2015

St Mary's, High Offley.

A good day for cruising, no wind and a warm sun in a cloud strewn sky. Leaving Tyrley Wharf behind us, we cruise through the deep narrow Woodseaves cutting with it's high unstable banks. Some reinforcing work has taken place since we were last here, we lost some blacking on the jagged rocky towpath side as we pulled over to allow boats going north to pass.

Wire reinforcing cages filled with rocks will blend into the scene in time.

Popular trees in rows.

Shebdon Embankment

Knighton bridge (46) with Newport road bridge (45) after.

We moored above Anchor bridge at High Offley, you can see the church of St Mary on top of the hill from the canal, we had a nice stroll to look at the village and church.

St Mary's

You can only attend a service on alternative Sundays these days.
From St Mary's we walked down to Lambarts bridge and back along a soggy towpath stopping at the Anchor for a 6X. An unusual establishment as you can see into the landlady's front room from the tiny bar area. It also has a tidy looking touring caravan park in the adjacent field.
The Anchor

We saw Blue Tits going in here.

A Guinness tap tiller pin.

Sue's been baking fruitcake and bread.

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