Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Crick Boat Show.

We arrived in Crick at 13:00 hours, another boat had taken our spot which caused a few problems when the skipper refused to move but all was ironed out in the end. We had a good meal in the Moorings in the evening.

The Three mobile network which is reputed to have the best coverage for the canal network has not reached Crick as yet, this left us off grid the whole weekend.

This year we looked at more of the assembled new boats on offer than we usually do, appointments are necessary for most, Integrity a 70 footer from Braidbar Boats was my favourite, it won second in show.

We looked over a few widebeam boats also, the room inside always looks like three of four times the width of a narrowboat instead of just the two they offer.

We ordered a new settee from Elite Furnishings for the saloon and bought a water purification system which I will be fitting in the galley soon (when I get a 3/4 inch drill bit to fit the tap).

We went along to two seminars, the first was on starting a business on a boat. The Home Brew crew of Barry & Sandra, Wildlife's crew Andrew & Helen and The Book Barge entrepreneur Sarah.  It was an interesting hour spent learning about how to set up a business on a boat, licensing, insurance, the pitfalls and the expense, what came across quite clearly is the passion these guys have for the different products they are selling. The well attended session had quite a few potential start ups who got individual information during a Q&A session at the end.

On Sunday we listened to a fascinating talk by Tracey on what it is like living and cruising on a narrowboat while being blind. The boat 'Sola Gratia' she shares with husband Tim and guide dog Oakley. One of the audience asked the inevitable question "Have you ever fallen in the cut" her response was "No, but Tim and Oakley both had"

Sunday evening we went to the Red Lion for a meal, two like minded couples but strangers all the same were seated at different tables, so we joined together to make a table for six, this often happens within the boating fraternity. I have forgotten names now but one couple have been hirers, sharers and are now owners of a lovely Braidbar and the other couple are planning every detail of the boat they will one day own, even down to sitting in their darkened garage testing different lighting options. We enjoyed our meals together chatting about general boating stuff ... loos excluded.

Later in the evening we went along to the Hazel O'Connor gig, I have never been a fan of her music but she can still belt out a number. Our daughter and her friend turned up at 22:30 on route from a camping trip on the south coast to the ferry at Liverpool. A jobs worth on the gate wouldn't let them pitch their tent in the dark for health & safety reasons so they squished onto FL for the night.

Nikita with Jen.

Monday morning we had visitors, Bob & Marilyn came to say goodbye on their way home and Kevin and Lorraine popped in to look at FL's internet setup (shame we had no signal) and a cuppa.

Jen, Sue, Kevin, Bob, Marilyn, Lorraine and Nikita.


Unknown said...

Hi Andy, so lovely to meet you both and hope to meet you again. We are very happy as we now have wifi on board, thanks so much for your help! Lorraine and Kev. X

Andy said...

It was great to meet you too. We found that you can make good friends on chance meetings in locks or while moored in the middle of nowhere. Hope you are enjoying oop north. Sue keeps me updated on your progress around the system through FB. Happy cruising Andy x