Friday, 15 May 2015

Mucky Duck at Fradley Junction.

Thursday- The weather was forecast to be iffey, so early on we decided we wouldn't move. Actually the worst of the forecast weather didn't arrive but it was still cool and blustery with the odd spot of rain.

Settled in for the day we braved not lighting the stove till midday, we met up with John Plumb from Solar Afloat who fitted our panels in 2013 he came aboard and checked the installation and fitted an upgraded fuse, foc...hows that for customer service.

I did a couple of jobs, firstly resealed the shower door as we have noticed a small discolouration of the wood surround. Cleaned the rear step boards which cover the engine, with car dashboard cleaner.

Friday - We were moving by 07:30. only boat with life on was Two Jays where Joan waved us off. At the junction I reversed back on to the services where we filled the water tank and simultaneously washed the starboard side of the boat, bird poo seems to set like concrete on FL's paintwork.

It was a very good cruise, by midday we were in T-shirts, lots of young wildlife on show, ducklings, goslings, cygnets and dabchicks. We enjoyed the journey and the warm sun so much it was a longer cruise than normal, 9 hours including stopping at the services and stopping in Rugeley to visit Tesco.

At Fradley Junction we turned off the T&M and on to the Coventry Canal mooring at 16:30 and walking the short distance back to the Swan Inn for a glass of Old Hookey.

Swivel Bridge! .....I don't think so.

Daring Haywood Lock.

Early morning stoves lit.

Colwich Lock

Egg box under the bridge 

Six of the best

Rugeley power station.

Perfect rows.

Woodend Lock.

The Swan at Fradley Junction - aka the Mucky Duck

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