Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Two bridges and an MBE fenderer

We were just thinking about moving on this morning when the wind and rain turned up to spoil the day. We decided to stay put while Sue got busy on her latest cross stitch project and the rain stopped I went for a walk to Norbury Junction, although it was still blowing a hooley most of the walk is sheltered in deep cuttings. I was glad I was wearing my wellies as the towpath was a muddy bog in a few places.

There were a couple of interesting bridges I wanted to have a closer look at on the way.

Dual purpose bridge underneath the stone slabs a stream crosses the bridge.

The canal from the bridge

...and the bridge from the towpath

Looking down on the long term moorings at Norbury

High bridge must be the most photoed bridge on the system
High Bridge built in 1833  is a Grade II listed building, the telegraph pole was erected in 1861 by the United Kingdom Electric Telegraph Company now British Telecom.


Opposite the Anchor pub is Mal Edwards MBE (the best people are on the cut) he makes rope fenders from his narrowboat Becky, we needed a new front fender and a bigger button on the stern so I popped over to see him and came away with two neat fenders.

It's raining, I didn't want to get them wet !

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