Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Weybridge mooring.

Stayed put today, the weather has been awful, persistently raining all morning then showery in the afternoon. Managed a walk into town between showers to purchase a few items, Sue stayed on the boat and has been baking cakes for Klara's crew and ourselves. 

Weybridge high street has changed for the better, I used to come to Saturday night dances at the Ship Hotel during my late teens, then I seem to remember it was a bit run down, now it is part of the Best Western chain with fine dining & a wedding venue. 

Morrisons, Waitrose, WH Smiths and Boots are close along with every bank known to man, estate agents that a man of my means shouldn't bother to look in, a Slug & Lettuce pub and Subway bar along with various niche cafe's and bistros. All within easy walking distance from this mooring. 

We will be moving on tomorrow even though the forecast is looking a bit iffey again.

Kayaks play in the weir opposite our mooring.


Ken and Sheena said...

Hi Andy. Hope all is well with you. I don't think that's Rolf's house... his looks more colonial, it's set back slightly from the river, and it has a large crocodile out front. We exchanged waves with him once, before he was found guilty.

Things Ok here... bit grey, like the weather. hope to post an update soon. Next week is supposed be "more like summer". so wish you happy cruising..


Andy said...

I maybe got that one wrong Ken, but we have twice seen him in the garden of that house.Once having his photo taken with his wife and another time speaking to men working on an extension.

Hope you are correct about the weather - we were freezing today.