Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Wet Wet Wet..

.......when we kicked off this morning it was drizzling then it was persistently wet, then it was pouring... not all bad, it stayed warm & there wasn't any wind accompanying the deluge so a simple golf umbrella kept us both dryish on our travels.

From Oxford to Sonning we have only seen two lock keeper and and one assistant, that equates to 14 unmanned locks of the 17 we have done to date! What a shame if these locks and surrounding gardens and houses are left to deteriorate. As well as lock & weir duties, lock keepers advise boaters on moorings, safety and places of interest on their patch. It will be a sad day when the Environment Agency workforce and duties are amalgamated into C&RT.

The new Christchurch pedestrian & cycle bridge at Reading.

What about all the crap he has in the water.

Klara @ Sonning bridge.

This letter box was on Sonning bridge last time we were here, now it is in the Bull Inn bar.

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