Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Goring- on- Thames.

We have had a few good days weather wise over the weekend, hope that wasn't it for 2016. Today it's raining as Sue set's Day's lock, still warm though, it's early, the lock keeper is still at home having breakfast.

The countryside is as green as I have ever noticed it, the huge bank side property's look as expensive as ever. Red kite, Woodpecker, Goldfinch, Kingfisher's, Buzzards and Kestrals are impossible to photograph as I hold tiller and umbrella.

Fortunately Roly & Bev manage to get a days extension on Klara's Thames license to make up for the day we were held up at Abingdon, this saves over £40 - thanks to the Benson lady lock keeper.

Moored up at Goring visitor moorings, Goring has a few local shops which are high end establishments, one, a grocer, was selling 15 tea bags of a fruity flavour for £4.45, they also had a dish of home made bread pudding which couldn't be resisted, the aroma of cinnamon & warm sultanas followed us back to the boat via The John Barleycorn, where we sampled Brakspear and Hob Goblin ale.

We are at position 17 on below map of Oxfordshire Thames villages.

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