Thursday, 12 May 2016

Red Boards stop play at Henley.

It wasn't raining when we untied the boats this morning but there was rain further up the Thames in Gloustershire which meant there was a strong flow, Sue dug our life jackets out of the bottom of the cupboard. Just on tick over FL was cutting through the water like a jetski, slaloming around Ait's & Islands to Shiplake Lock where we got rid of the dumpables.

At Marsh lock we found the river on red boards, (still no lock keepers seen today) too dangerous to continue any further we sped across the choppy white water coming from the weir, turned the boats around to face up stream and moored at Henley park.

We all had a walk into town for a few bits & pieces and stopped off in the garden overlooking the river of the Angel Hotel for refreshments.

Weir fully opened

a quieter back water.

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