Monday, 16 May 2016

Cookham passenger collection.

A Thames fuel boat pulled in behind us last night, so this morning the diesel tank was topped up  before pulling the pins and heading to Marlow lock. Strangely there were 4 lock keeper/assistants at this lock!

Still a chill to the wind although sunny & warm out of the shadows.

Passing Bourne End marina we sounded the horn a few times to see if Dogma's crew were aboard but no sign. We didn't cruise far, we moored on the rings at Cookham a three and half miles trip.


Local schools nature reserve and pond.

 We stopped at Cookham to pick up a passenger that my brother is delivering from LGW, our daughter is staying with us for the week, we met up with them in the Crown for lunch. After lunch while the rest went on a circular walk around the boat club and fields back to the boat
Alan & I took the car to the church for a shorter walk back to FL with Nikita's bag's, yes bags, she now has more clothes aboard FL for a week than her parents have for the whole year!


Carol said...

Hi Andy, that looks a lovely mooring, we can’t bring it to mind though. How far from Dogma’s mooring is it and are there any landmarks to look out for to show where they are please? We’re currently at Brentford at hope to join the Thames sometime next week. Hope to meet you both there.

Andy said...

Hi Carol,

After Cookham lock cut the mooring is just under the bridge. Nicholson haven't marrked it in the book with an 'M'. The rings are between the Church and the sailing club, pins further round on the field. About a mile from Dogma. Look forward to meeting you both soon.

Carol said...

Thanks Andy, I’ve made a note in our Nicholsons guide for future reference.