Sunday, 8 May 2016

Thrupp to the Thames

Hot enough for shorts the last few days. After stowing an 08:00 Sainsbury's delivery order we moved along to the water point at Langford Lane bridge to top up the tank but unfortunately some bright spark had stolen the brass fitting from the oulet pipe so my hose connection wouldn't fit .....mindless b@st*#ds. I must remember to pick up a fitting from a plumbers in case this ever happens again.

We made our way off the Oxford canal into Dukes Cut lock, here we met a young guy who has just bought one of the scruffy boats permanently moored here, he also inherited all the accumulated rubbish the previous owner had acquired and was busily transporting bin bags of it across the lock. A labour of love he's calling, it we wished him well.

Down the cut and into an unmanned King's Lock, we are now on to deeper water and a flow, we moored at Godsow Abbey among a carpet of goose poo, we had to walk a hundred feet to put the chairs out and share a bottle of London Pride.

Roly, Sue & Bev.

Klara at Oxford 
Saturday - Being a weekend the reaches around Oxford were busy with single, pairs, fours & eights skulling crews along with coaching launch's.

When we arrived in Abingdon it was busy with moored craft, luckily a 60 footer was leaving a spot by the park, with a bit of effort with tillers, engines and gearbox's we had the two boats breasted up.

Morris men in action in Abingdon Square.

More than one troupe were represented in Abingdon today.
The mooring turned out to be a noisy one, a wedding reception had a rock band playing, the newly weds also enjoyed a firework display that most local authorities would be proud of at 22:00. A group of well behaved youngsters were chilling & singing along to music on the bank but by the time Match of the Day had finished all was quiet.

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