Friday, 13 May 2016

Red Boards day two.

The river is still moving swiftly past the port holes, no rain, which is good. 

I now have a JD Wetherspoon app on the phone which shows where the nearest establishment is, we didn't need it for Henley as we knew exactly where to go for a traditional English breakfast this morning. 

Not much else to report other than a day of watching wildlife and some brave skullers on the water. We did manage to get down to the Argyll pub at 16:00 for a happy Friday Midsommer Ale.

It's 21:00 and the red boards are still up even though, on this reach, the level has gone down about a foot.

Crested Grebe and young.

Egyptian geese

Happy Friday.
Image result for newcastle down ale relegation images
Sorry Clarky I couldn't resist.

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