Monday, 2 September 2013

Stoke Golding

Cool morning start as we cruise to Market Bosworth and use the winding hole to turn FL and start making our way back to the Coventry Canal

The Ashby has very good readable mile markers this one's reading travelled 10 miles and a further 20 miles to go. I got the stop watch out to time a mile which we covered in 21mins 45 seconds so we are doing just under 3 miles an hour at our cruising speed of 1000 revs, tickover for our Vetus engine is 900 revs. If we push her too 1200revs she's up on the plane and her wash causes chaos along the bank.

We are now moored at Stoke Golding which our canal guide says has one of the finest churches in Leicestershire so we are to take a walk into the village for a gander after Sue has finished baking bread. You can see the spire from this picture I took out of the side hatch.

Sue's loaf.

Late brood

Plenty of winter food.

Just liked the sign.

The crowning of Henry VII by Stanley

Sue vaulting a sty.


As it's monday the George and Dragon was shut as indeed was the White Swan  but the Three Horse Shoes was open but it looked a bit of a dive so we gave it a miss.

I got my head down the engine 'ole and  changed the engine oil and filter.

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