Tuesday, 3 September 2013


It's a summer's day, shorts and T-shirt weather first thing as we go under the roman road known as Watling Street (A5) and pass the Triumph Factory at Hinkley on our way to the Coventry Canal.

The Ashby has been a pleasant meander through a quiet idyllic rural landscape, the only draw back is the lack of depth of water that makes narrow boats even more difficult to handle. But this won't put us off a return trip in the future.

Turning right at Marston Juction we are on the Coventry canal for a couple of miles of rural cruising until you hit Nuneaton, red brick and pitched roof houses everywhere some are attractive with pretty gardens to the canal bank, a lot of housing development has gone on here recently. For great lengths there are very healthy allotments with every conceivable vegetable and fruits ripening. The would be Banksie's and  vandals have won the battle with the local council, there's hardly a brick on any of the towns ten canal bridges that isn't 'tagged' or vandalised. Lots of debris in the water including sighting of the first supermarket trolley we have seen in any canal. Nuneaton just hasn't got that welcoming feel to the visiting boater

We pass a primary school playground stacked full of excited children, this must be their first day of the new term,  and that got me thinking about where were they all during the summer break, they certainly weren't on many of the hire boats that we have passed, usually it's one or two  couples or a hen/stag party, we have hardly seen any children along the river or canal banks swimming, fishing, skipping stones or swinging off a trapeze from a sturdy branch overhanging the water. Maybe it's a sign of our times that kids these days aren't allowed to explore in the carefree way that previous generations have. Or have they all gone to Spain, Florida or Mondays Caravan Park for the entire 6 week holiday.

0800hrs sun on the Ashby

Marston Junction left towards Coventry right to Nuneaton

Coventry Canal leading to Nuneaton

Typical bridge art ? Nuneaton

Number one

Coventry canal after Nuneaton

Sue putting her back into holding FL to the bank

We have moored above Wood Bridge just after Springwood Haven Marina time 1400hrs. Sue has got her fishing rod out I've rechecked the oil levels and had a look down the weed hatch everything 's fine. I'm going to give the Beer Hunter an outing (haven't done that for awhile)...................

.........Not much of a hunt round two corners from where we are moored (approx 200 yds) is The Anchor I bought a glass of Everards Original which one of the locals, Paul, informs me was strained through the landlords underpants. Well it tasted OK to me, so I sat myself down to listen to the banter that resulted between the red faced landlord and Paul who I now find out works for the landlord, (but for how much longer?),  I text Sue to walk down the towpath and join me, I have glass of Everards Tiger and Sue try's the Equinox. Perusing the food menu we may come back this evening.

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