Monday, 16 September 2013

Leonard Cohen


Drove down to Shepperton for a lovely Sunday roast with starter's and pud cooked by Surrey's finest cook Christine, who answered the front door to us in her Hooters apron (now there's a welcome!). We left there about 4pm to make a slow painful journey to the 02 Arena at Greenwich, we could have covered the distance quicker in our narrow boat, the traffic was awful and we arrived in the arena around 7pm, 3 hours to do a 20 mile journey.

We really enjoyed the concert and Leonard Cohen was his brilliantly poetical deep mournful voiced best, not bad for a guy who must be 121 years old by now. As he said last night on stage " I'm not ready to hang up my boxing gloves yet, but I know where the hook is." He hasn't worn as well as Sir Cliff but he can still pull in the crowds, last night was a sell out.

We left after the first encore to beat the rush out of the car park, which we did, only thing to slow our progress home was the 12v plug on the hire car didn't work so the Satnav ran out of juice. I am so reliant on that little black box these days, luckily Sue had brought along an AA route planner printout which we used to negotiate through Central London and on to the M1, finally arriving back at the boat at  2am.


During the night the wind blew the hat of the chimney and into the drink, I will get my magnet out and go fishing for it.

Didn't have to take the hire car back till 5pm so we used it to get around and do some shopping. Duvet, tea towels, gunk degreaser and some screws were all bought in Stafford. Had a chat with Paul on the good ship Caxton who are moored on the same pontoons as us. After their two year adventure they are putting Caxton on the market so if you know anyone looking for a great boat to live on or for holidays give Paul a shout

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