Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Cut Throat.

Spent the last couple of days rubbing down the port side in the places where it has come in contact with lock walls and canal side furniture. Then putting the top coat of black on  after letting the undercoat I applied dry for 24 hours. I also gave the bilge pump a good clean out.

We have met a few of the neighbours on the pontoon, and all seem a friendly bunch. I noticed Terry & Monica's boat is on this pontoon too

This morning Alex came over to discuss some alterations we are planning, a bespoke TV cabinet and shelving and rad covers in the saloon, a door fitted to a shelving unit in the bedroom, the tiller to be straightened because of an altercation with a cruiser in a Thames lock, a new tiller bearing and repaint of the stern bands. He seems to know what he was talking about and was very helpful in advising the best way forward, so now we wait for quotes.

Sue's offerings yesterday Maneesh flat breads and wholemeal loaf. We had the flat breads with our evening stew and they were wonderful.

Ale of the day Cut Throat Ale from Leek Brewery, it was really quite good.

Today it started raining at 1100 hrs and hasn't stopped so my plans for getting the first  top coat of paint onto the stern counter is on hold till better weather. We have also lit the fire and it is toasty warm, Sue is cooking a North African chicken tagine in the Epping and a sunken mincemeat cake in the gas oven.

We watched the appalling display by the England football team last night. Jack Wilshere gave the ball away every time he passed it and by the second half the inabillity to pass the ball to a body wearing the same colour shirt had affected the whole side. Why do I put myself through this torture? 


Elly and Mick said...

Oolong... Recipe please Sue!
Elly xx

Andy said...

Sue will email the Tagine to you.

Unknown said...

Think Sue needs to enter the great british bake off!! Hope your both well yessir.