Friday, 18 May 2018

Worcester & Birmingham canal.

I'm sure the bridge holes have got narrower on this canal, I seem to be knocking the edges a bit more than usual, or is it an age thing. I have noticed that while driving a car I seem to get beeped at more often than I once used to and other drivers sometimes give hand signals to me that don't appear in the highway code.

Wednesday we put a big effort in, 28 locks and three lift bridges got us to Hockley Heath, a quiet restful night after the the days exertions. Met my first Vloggers  on the towpath on my way back from the post box. 

Lock ducks., no quack.

See the gap in the bridge for a tow rope.

The gap has closed on a lot of the bridges
 Thursday - no locks today, on our way to Kings Norton junction we stopped at Wedges bakery for some supplies. 

Vlockie Roger chats with Sue.

When we took a left turn onto the Worcester & Birmingham canal at King's Norton  junction we met Roly & Bev on nb Klara, we followed them southwards through the 2726 yds Wast Hills tunnel to moor at Hopwood.

Entrance to the tunnel 

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Linda Gifford-Hull said...

Hi Andy. Is it my imagination or is there a blog missing? River Avon and River Severn? Linda xx