Monday, 14 May 2018

Weekend in Stratford on Avon

The southern section of the S on A is a secluded green avenue, reminded me of sections of the Southern Oxford canal but with a tree and bush border.

Only three miles and 18 locks to do, a group of efficient lads on a hire boat behind us helped us through the first 14 of these until we stopped at Chaly bridge for water . 

We didn't arrive until mid afternoon so were expecting to have to moor down on the river Avon but there was indeed a space for FL in the basin which is overlooked by the bard himself and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. 

WS overlooks the basin.

Bancroft Basin

Waterways information centre
Royal Shakespeare Theatre
Macbeth was fully booked for Saturday and with no performances on a Sunday we would have to miss out. We strolled around the town looking at all things Shakespeare.

Grave in Holy Trinity Church.

River Avon

A wander along the river Avon and took the chain ferry to the butterfly farm, well worth a visit.



Bancroft basin is in the centre of things and a great place to moor free for 48 hours. Saturday was a bit noisy as revelers made use of the bench seats dotted around the basin til the early hours. Sunday was  much quieter and we ended the weekend off with a meal in Loxleys.

View as we leave the basin.

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