Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Back to the countryside

It's great to be out of the city, the canals were built to connect coal, industry and ports, these parts of the system are great in their own historic way but we prefer the rural isolated villagey bits.

Five  miles from Autherley junction is Wheaton Aston and Turners garage where the fuel hose can reach down to the canal to refuel the boats, a gas bottle was purchased too.

Turners garage from the web.

We were to retrace our steps back to Autherley junction which meant reversing back through Wheaton Aston bridge so we could turn at the winding hole and back to Wheaton Aston lock.

Hunting bridge was our mooring point again, bankside chairs were out for a convivial afternoon before tea time.

Avenue bridge.

St.Mary's at Brewood

IOM Ferry

Odd arch to Eskew bridge.

Stretton aqueduct

Lapley Wood Bridge

Wheaton Aston

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