Thursday, 10 May 2018

Stratford on Avon

Taking the two sharp left hand turns at Kingswood Junction we are of the wide locks and back on to narrow gauge locks. It is nice to be on a canal we have not travelled before.

The short Lapworth link connects the GU and the S on A

Lapworth link is in between the two houses on the right.

 We follow on behind NB Celtic Kiwi who kindly lift a paddle after they leave a lock so it is filled when we arrive, until they stop for lunch and we pass them.

Lots of Barrel roofed cottages along this canal

At lapworth bottom lock there is a wait for canal staff to arrive to clear a boulder from the canal bed to allow the top gate to close. This lock must be one of the noisiest on the system as the M40 roars overhead.

FL waits under the M40

Ten locks done we pull in opposite the Fleur de Lys , Celtic Kiwi's crew pull in behind and we arrange to have dinner in the pub together. Roger and Heather are Aussies in spite of the name on their boat.  Pie, pint and good company- my kind of  night out.

Sue Heather Roger and Andy

Roger and Heather.
Today - we said goodbye to our new friends,we received gifts from Warrandyte, did another 8 locks towards the Avon and Sue did a spectacular face plant on the towpath which split her lip.

Heavy with blossom.



Mike Todd said...

We must have overlapped at some point as we came through the Lapworth link at lunch time today having left Hill Farm Marina yesterday, sorry not to have spotted you!

Richard said...

Love the Stratford canal and stratford itself. Enjoy/