Thursday, 30 June 2016


Turned FL around and headed back to Oxford, we were hoping to get on the East Street moorings, so was nb Holderness' crew who shared the locks with us. We were going to stop to pick up a cheese order off our mate Dot who had managed to find some Manchego (Spanish sheeps milk cheese we wanted to try out in a recipe) in an Oxford market.

Unfortunately the weather was atrocious which stopped moorers from moving on. With no room at the Inn it was on to Sandford where we moored overnight on the bollards before the lock landing.

This morning Sue went to set the lock, while I untied FL, nb Ewn ha Cul and nb Ferndale came into view, so we shared the lock and cruised to Abingdon lock together. After watering and getting rid off the dumpables FL & Ferndale moored up in Abingdon, nb Ewn ha Cul continued to Days lock.

Ray & Diane, Gordon & Dot.
My Outlaw is being deposited on FL tomorrow, deep joy, with that in mind we had to go shopping for her prescription, that restorative potion that will help her constitution namely 'Chardonnay'. I can already hear the tutting that's going to be aimed in my direction.

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