Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Spring Watch...

It was a bit like being in an episode of Spring Watch during todays cruise to Eynsham. As well as the usual coots, moorhens, kingfishers, red kites, sheep, cattle and horses, a family of otters swam across the river in front of the boat in the cut before Port Meadow and disappeared into the undergrowth, I was too gobsmacked to reach for the camera quick enough to take a picture.

After mooring in the reach above Swinford toll bridge we enjoyed towpath tapas, courtesy of Klara's galley, during a leisurely afternoon sat on the bank.  

We just got the washing in from the whirlygig before a thunderstorm rumbled overhead for an hour or so. Sue won't let me hoist the pole/aerial when lightning is about so we missed last nights coverage of the TT.

We had a hitch hiker on the roof.

Folly bridge at Oxford

Port Meadow

Wednesday - Spotted a barn owl out hunting at 08:30 and watched it as it took a small mammal back to it's nest. 

We had a boaters meeting with Roly & Bev to decide a plan for the day, our plan was to have no plan at all, just bimble along the Thames and stop that's the sort of target I can cope with. 

In the event, we cruised for 4 miles and pulled in on the privately owned well managed field at Bablock Hythe, yet more towpath tapas followed by a summer pudding was had sitting in the sun on the bank.

The owls home.

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