Friday, 24 June 2016

Boat safety scheme day

We set off early at 07:30 from Jericho, through Isis lock at the end of the Oxford canal, about turn on the Thames and back up Isis lock, now that FL was facing the correct way we continued through  Oxford suburbs. It's slow going as the canal is lined with moored craft for most of it's length. It's the skipper of Ewn ha Cul's birthday so as we passed we belted out the birthday song and a sleepy eyed Gordon waved his thanks from the cabin window.

Web pic of Isis lock - route to the Thames. The left cut is residential moorings and the towpath walk into the city centre.
FL has an appointment with the boat safety examiner to get a clean bill of health for another four years, this is being done by Mark Paris in Thrupp a six mile journey up the Oxford canal. Our certificate doesn't run out till August but best to have it done early in case there are any problems to iron out.

It was a pleasant but wet journey with light drizzle, while on the water point before the lift bridge a boat passed and lifted the bridge - we set off hoping to get through with them but they shut the bridge on us and away they went, to be fair it was raining, their hooded heads were bowed so maybe they didn't see 17 tons of FL steel motoring towards them.

Our pals on Ferndale & Ewn ha Cul were following on behind, we were all hoping to moor on the visitor moorings in Thrupp, gratifyingly all three boats managed to get on the seven day spots.

A pleasant evening was spent in The Boat celebrating this day in 1952 with good food and company.

Thursday - Spent the morning preparing FL for the examiners visit, had to declutter the newly painted gas locker and electrical cupboard, lift the engine and battery boards to give good access to all things that needed looking at including gas and diesel pipes. Although I knew that FL is in excellent health and would pass with flying colours I was still a little apprehensive. A cheerful Mark arrived on time and thoroughly went over FL's appliances and installations. He declared FL a well put together boat and passed her.

So it was over to Annie's tea room for a tea & scones with Dot, Gordon, Ray & Diane, Maffi came too, he had come to town for the day to cast his vote.

Later we all had our tea sat out on the bank sampling homemade ingredients from the three galley's. Soup followed by pasty's, flat breads & biscuits plus the odd glass of red wine.

I woke up this morning and I'm wondering if I'm still  European! Winter in Spain is going to be expensive this year no doubt. I might evoke my right to hold an Irish passport and stay in - a bit.

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