Sunday, 19 June 2016

Eynsham to Hagley Pool.

Cruising down to Eynsham we were plagued by the dreaded horsefly. While I was at the tiller liberally coated in repellent Sue swatted the toothy perishers away with the swatter, at least 50 were dispatched with backhand and forehand swipes.  

Together with Ray & Diane we had a final bankside get together with Roly & Bev who will  head back up north in the morning. They have been perfect travelling companions and we will miss their company, especially the banter, beer, cake's, Bev's beaming smile at every lock and of course "the book". Thanks for a special few weeks both.

Cooling beef.

Taken from Northmoor lock landing.

Saturday we said our goodbyes, Ferndale left too but we will meet up in Oxford tomorrow along with Dot & Gordon who are making their way down to the Thames.

We were staying to watch the Australia V England game in the Jolly Sportsman in Eynsham a two mile hike but it was worth the effort when England triumphed winning their first ever test series against the Wallabies down under.


The mooring at Eynsham hasn't got a TV reception and I really wanted to watch Ronaldo & Co slip up against Austria after their poor performance against Iceland. 

So after tea we had an evening cruise being helped through Eynsham lock by some friendly young lads. We witnessed four different barn owls hunting over the two mile cruise.

Barn owl.

We moored up at Hagley pool put the aerial up to get 115 channels, watched an enthralling 0-0 draw. Portugal kept knocking on the door but couldn't find the net, even the greatest goal scorer of all time missed a penalty opportunity.

Sunday morning we were held up by 200 swimmers on a lock to lock race.

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Rowland Webb said...

We really enjoyed your company we learnt so much about river cruising we hopefully we will catch up later in the summer take care both